Chester County Wastewater Recovery

Proposed Agenda

September 26, 2022

2715 Gaston Farm Road, Chester, SC 29706
2:00 PM

I. Call Meeting to Order

II. Invocation

III. Pledge of Allegiance 

IV. Approval of Last Meeting Minutes 

V. Old Business
a. WWTP Update – Mr. Tony Young
b. Maintenance Work Report – Mr. Michael Hunter
c. Project Updates – Mr. Phillip A. Thompson-King

VI. New Business
a. Proposed Development Plan Review Rate – Mr. Phillip A. Thompson-King
b. GIS Proposal Approval – Mr. Phillip A. Thompson-King
c. SCADA Proposal Approval System – Mr. Phillip A. Thompson-King
d. TDS Limits Development Proposal for Pretreatment – Mr. Phillip A. Thompson-King
e. Public Comment

VII. Reports
a. Financial Statement – Mr. Joel Manning

VIII. Executive Session

a. Under S.C. Code Section 30-4-70(a)(5) to discuss matters covered by the attorney-client privilege regarding other sewer service providers within Chester County.

IX. Actions, if any, on Matters Discussed in Executive Session

X. Adjourn