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Chester County Wastewater Recovery (formerly Chester Sewer District) is a special purpose district created by Legislative Act No. 480 as amended by Act No. 1186 (and subsequent Amendments thereto) of the Acts of the State of South Carolina for 1964. The CWR was created for the purpose of transporting, treating and disposing of wastewater originating within the CWR limits. Its function is to construct, operate and maintain lateral (collector) and interceptor sewers and trunk lines, and wastewater treatment plants. By agreement with the City of Chester, the CWR operates and maintains the sewer system in the City of Chester. The CWR is governed by a five member Commission known as the CWR Commission; all of whom are appointed by the Governor. The area of the CWR is defined by statute.

Service Area

We serve approximately 4,400 Residential and Commercial Customers and another thirteen (13) Industrial customers with fifteen (15) employees, eight (8) of which are South Carolina Certified Wastewater Treatment Operators.

Wastewater treatment is an important service provided by the CWR to residents, businesses and industries in the Chester and Richburg areas. Without this service, industrial operations in the Chester County area would be greatly hindered.

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Chester County Wastewater Recovery owns and operates three wastewater treatment facilities. They are as follows:

Rocky Creek WWTP – Design Flow 1.6 MGD
Sandy River WWTP – Design Flow 2.133 MGD
Lando/Manetta WWTP – Design Flow 1.2 MGD

This gives CWR a combined capacity of approximately five (5) million gallons (4.93). It should also be noted that CWR has preliminary plans to expand the Lando/Manetta WWTP to 3.5 MGD. Also, we have obtained information from DHEC with regards to the required parameters and NPDES limits in relation to such an expansion. In addition, the CWR owns and maintains 150 plus miles of collection and transmission systems with fifteen (15) lift/pump stations.